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Mr. Althouse
07-29-2008, 03:43 PM
Before I ask my question(s), I want to commend you on a very informative site. I've turned a wrench or two in my day and although I might not have the experience to know specifically what is going on with my bike, I know enough to know BS when I hear it - and I hear a lot of that. None of that here though...

I bought my 2007 Road King with about 10,000 miles on it. It has a stage 1 air cleaner and Screamin Eagle slip-ons. It runs kind of hot, which I understand is normal to get these motors to pass emissions. The problem I'm having is intermittent with only a couple of variables being constant. After the bike has warmed up and usually after it has been running for a while, it will stall when coming to a stop. If I throttle it to keep it from stalling, it will stall when I stop goosing it. However, if I let it stall and then re-start it, it will idle just fine. When it's does start stalling, it will do it pretty much all day, but it might be several days (or weeks) before it happens again. But overall, it is becoming more frequent. Of course, it never happens for the dealer.

I plan to get a SERT and Reinhardt True Duals next month. Would a new MAP either from Harley or from you guys make it stop stalling and run cooler?

07-31-2008, 08:57 AM
Thank you for the kind words!

Several things can result in stalling.

Mechanically; the Idle Air Control Motor (IAC) could be slow or failing. Broken or cracked throttle shaft (at one of the plate mount screws) is another. Backed out throttle stop screw (IAC cannot always compensate, due to out of range). Fuel system leak allowing low pressure at idle (easy check with pressure gauge). This can be a pin hole in a hose, loose/failing regulator or broken/cracked regulator/filter mount.

Sensor wise; could be TPS, ET or IAT sensor failing or skewed. Can also be TPS and IAC zero function may be off due to a quick startup (engine light should go out before starting) or the bike shut off with the throttle plate slightly open (hitting handlebar run switch while rolling to stop).

Tuning; too lean at idle and cannot recover from sudden throttle closing (leaner yet). Fuel with ethanol can also cause this condition along with vapor lock in the air cleaner. Moisture seperation in the fuel can be problematic with ethanol additives. SEST can address some of these issues.

I would start with throttle shaft inspection, observe IAC function (possibly just replace) and a Digital Tech recording of sensor function from cold startup to hot. Then a DT "test ride" while trying to duplicate problem.

As mentioned, SERT (now SEST) would be a good possible solution to some issues while also allowing address to others such as heat. H-D will not have and appropriate calibration for the Rinehart TD's as this is not an H-D product and TD's are not an H-D option. SERT would be the correct solution for tuning to accomadate the TD's. Our tuning philosophy (custom maps) specifically addresses such issues as heat, ping, surge and fuel milage but tuning may not solve your idle problem if it is mechanical or sensor caused. We do have maps available for the RHTD's. They can be purchased for $50.00 each from our Internet Sales Dept.

Mr. Althouse
08-03-2008, 12:04 PM

Thanks for the thorough response. It's a lot to digest, but I have some direction now - thanks.

Keep up the great work - this is the best bang for my buck I've run across in a long time - especially where Harley's are concerned!

Mike Althouse